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FEBRURARY 21st 2009! BITCHES(apr14,08)
So it has been QUITE a while since i last updated the fron page of this site, as in wrote an ill rant... Well i claimed i was going to do something to the galleries but either nobody complained/noticed i wrote that or i just didn't bother, so i guess i will do it sometime in the future. I added a MIDI file to my site, please enjoy Any colour you like as you enter the dark side. HOnestly, i was a week away from returning to america last time and it has been a long ass time since then, alreayd crushed a semester at Penn state Main Campus and working on graduation as we speak! But that is not all....

In oekaki News: Yes, the Oekaki... if i recall correctly, nobody has posted on it besides Joe and myself.... A few comments here and there, one from dooncoon and another from neeld but honeslty it is becoming a largely 1 man show these days. The only one cranked out a great picture of his character in a D&D game i have poisoned him and a few others to play... and I drew a sick boy of the rak bom which came out alright... and am only a few panels away from completing free falling.. it has taken quite a while to get where it is now and besides a heart breaking loss of a well thought out and drawn part thanks to the internet *FULKCALDNFOAE* I would say that it should be done by the next time i update the page, ahhaha which gives me a little while. There Is always hope people will return and draw like the good ol' days, but i am living ina fairy tale to think that will come true.. haha, oh well, on with the RANT!

Yeah not many updates to the website in general beyond the oekaki, and the MIDI which i see has been up for quite a while.. i dont care, its still awesome. Let that baby loop and get into it. I updated the quote of the 6 months, soon to be quote of the year, haha. So perhaps you will gain insight from it.

I should really get going on my Japan gallery and upload that stuff on there, but i have been swamped with work/apathy of the website. Graduation is proving to be tough business afterall... I have been applying to programs in Japan teaching english and i think i may find some success if i can return to the pans and get my head straight... it has been a rough few months for me and i think i am starting to pull up from this divebombing plummet. All contact, even oekaki makes a brother feel good, so never hesitate to say whats up!

Yes my friends, i appreciate your continued support/wasting 5 minutes in my name to stop by and check out the rant and even look at the oekaki once and while... regardless how long i let it slide, as long as i have bandwidth, i will fucking update this thing however casually! Props go to lord phoenix of The inquisitors network to which hotfire and ill phil humbly belong. ANd to all my friends and family across the planet...across the UNIVERSE! I THANK YOU! and until next time.. ROOHAA DEGOZARU!


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