Welcome to PLANET Greg

Here are some pictures created by a close friend of mine and an inhabitant of the net, Greg. These drawings were thought up by the man himself and thier meanings may never be known in your lifetime.

And our good friend Greg indeed adds new pics whenever his planet makes orbit round the dark side so be sure to check back often....his newest pics will be at the top, in descending order.

This one is called 'Majestic Patterns' and it is somethign else altogeahter. i love the colors and pattern...just,...majestic...for some reaaason this pic reminds me of the beatles. kind of crazy...taxi cabs too...and being punched out and blacking out and seeing stars...that too... i dont know how he does these...not really.

Hold family, we got another masterpiece of insanity from the pixelated depths of planet greg....this noe entitled, " DIABLOS " seems a bit like it progresse fom firefly...its a good one....i kind of see the dark lord rising frmo the flames preparing to adress his minions...personally that is.

The Latest badass edition from gregs side of the net...this one is called 'GABRIEL', its really crazy, but its sick, it also comes in two colors...dark and bright green...this jawn is HOT

Green Flavor.

This is a newer drawing from the man called 'FIREFLY'...this mutherfucker spits hot fire, so i hear...and this is a small taste of it...reminds me of 7up a little.....cool spot?

FEB 11: Here is a new one from the man himself...he calls this one the phoenix....haha nah no relatino to PI.net, but i think this pic is amazing...he claims it isnt finished but who knows what will happen to this beaty when he is done with it....a masterpiecec is on the way.

Greg calls this one the shaman. in my opinion it looks like he is facing some hard blowing winds of somekind or a desert....really cool.

This one didnt have a name, but reminds me of bridges all overlapping each other or snakes or something...gregs art blows me away some time.

Although kind of unfinished, this picture, entitles Volcano God could be turned into a master piece with more work.

This picture is called 'The sun God and Me.' I think the flames and all the colors really bring it togeather as a whole and its just really cool looking.

Unfinished, this unnamed piece has a neat yellow galaxy or something in it...i think it looks pretty good for somethign unfinished.

Nothing like a triforce i always say.....this triangle drawing has a really sick pattern

This is the rough version of the next drawing, but i put it up seperatly because i think it has its own kind of feel altogeather....its interesting seeing the diffrence between his and the next.

This picture is really amazing...it was my desktop for a while, but i started to see the future so i changed it back...but the colors on this one really are just vibrant and amazing...one of gregs best in my opinion.