Hello, Traverser of the dark side...

Welcome to my Personal Gallery, hosted by the never ending Phoenix, with light commentary and a lovely thumbnail entailing what is contained within!

The first flurry of shots i took included the first night and day i arrived in Japan, and basically scoped out the surroundings.

These are frmo about a week in and the changes after i have had my way with the place and gotten to know the area a bit better, mostly from the kitchen and my room.

These are some good ones from around the front of the building that give you a better idea of where it is i live at exactly in Hikone, Shiga, Japan!

Here are some great shots from the Bike Safety Demonstration that the shiga police came by and gave us. We practiced how to ride in basically a portable saftey town!

This is a small gallery of pics i took when i went to the supermarket, and then on a long bike ride around Hikone to the more active parts of town at night with Hillis and Brian san.

Phils pics in japan