Ill Phil is an interesting character whom every word could easily mean everything or nothing to you, and more often its both at the same time. Regardless of his nonsense, he is a holder of the hot fire and akin to many a brother.

Ill Phil is a simple man with a complex and somewhat obscure view on things...but his word rarely fails common sight and sometimes even....foresight.

Whether or not the man can see the future is one thing...but the bottom line is Ill is a loyal man to all who give him the time of day if they are real. Ill Phil is a good guy and people just overlook the facts.

WHERE: Pennsylvania or JAPAN
INTERESTS: The Net, Video Games, Floyd, My Brothers, Japanese, and anything that supports my endeavors..
MUSIC: The Beatles, Metallica, Floyd, Radiohead, Supastition, Collective Soul, David Bowie, Almost anything.
SCHOOL: Going to PENN STATE abington campus as well as the Japan Center for Michigan Universities.

Who really knows what ill is...in a way its undefinable....yet its been around forever...

This means type that in the browser dumbass!