The Dark Corner Of The Net

Welcome to the dark corner of the net, where Ill updates this and that...not to mention this is where he Keeps his time case anyone ever wanted to go back in time.

Here is a little something i made while in Japan using gimp again, I call it, 'universal waves' It just gives me that vibe of something plaentary or some other dimension... maybe its the world i see and live in every day?

This is what i like to call 'messed the hell up, i was just having fun with the gimp, the badass painting program i upgraded too...and its free too, imagine that. and its basically as its name implies, MESSED THE HELL UP!!

Here is a little somthing i came up with one night just playing around with the controls on GIMP, Linux's art program.

Here is a little somthing else i came up with when it was late out and the moon drew full.